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 Company Profile     Nantong Dingbur Seaweeds & Foods Co., Ltd. is a solely foreign-owned enterprise mainly engaged in seaweed food series including  roasted seaweed, seasoned seaweed,dried seaweed etc. Located in Qidong Cooperative Economic Development Zone in the back garden of Shanghai, the company enjoys favorable geographic advantage by sitting at the intersection of Ningqi Railway and Tongqi Freeway to the north of Chongqi Bridge. Dingbur, an excellent brand of the company, is genuine pure natural and healthy food coming from 1,000 mu of pollution-free marine shoal material production base.

Qidong Haodi Trade Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of Nantong Dingbur Seaweed Food Co., Ltd., specializes in Sushi products series to match with Dingbur seaweed product series. In addition, the company imports world-leading healthy food such as healthy vegetarian food, organic olive oil, nuts and organic oatmeal.
Team Concept     Diligence means success and credit will be awarded in business circle. In the principle of "Practicality, Credit, Transcendence, Innovation", Dingbur people will always pursue"Quality First"to offer high-quality products and sincere services to a wide range of customers and consumers. It is the greatest wish of the youthful and strong Dingbur team to bring consumers health and delicacy with high-quality Dingbur products!
Advanced Technology     Dingbur owns a technologically leading R&D team and permanently employs university professors from food faculty to participate in R&D work. Led by new product research and development and quality control, the company perfects product quality and flavor. The company owns international leading fully-imported seaweed primary and secondary processing lines, 2,000m2 of standard seed-fostering room and over 2 million m2 of breeding base. Moreover, the company produces in accordance with the international leading HACCP and BRC certification and supervises and controls the whole process from the start, the process and delivery to traceable process in strict accordance with domestic QS quality certification. In this way, we truly realize green and pollution-free from raw materials to finished products.
     Dingbur owns an independent lab to conduct inspections on various microorganisms and some physical and chemical indicators. Moreover, Dingbur has signed long-term cooperation agreements with China Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, China Quality Supervision Bureau and International Eurofins Experiment Station. It is one of the key jobs of our company to ensure food safety through thorough and detailed inspection on all products that our company distributes.
Honors Acquired     Through 10 years of hardship, Dingbur has ranked top in the seaweed industry. For five successive years, the company has been awarded as Agricultural Leading Enterprise by the municipal government and awarded as Grade AAA Credit Unit by financial organizations and high-quality Private-owned Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau for three successive years. In 2010, the company was awarded as Advanced Private-owned Technical Enterprises by the municipal government.
Product Features Dingbur Seaweed Product Series:
(1)Dried Seaweed: Seaweed made after primary processing, used as raw material for making vegetarian food and primary product for deep processing; directly edible.
(2)Roasted Seaweed: Finished product made after secondary deep processing of dried seaweed, used as essential product for Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine and Chinese restaurants for making sushi. It is directly edible and 100% natural with no additives.
(3) Flavor-attached Seaweed: Referred to as seasoned seaweed in China, it is finished product made after secondary deep processing. With seasoning fluid added in the processing process, it is generally used as snack food and is directly edible. Being low-fat, high calcium, high iodine and more importantly delicious, seasoned seaweed is snack food suitable for people of all ages. Being fresh, crispy and tender is the symbolic taste of Dingbur Seaweed. It can be used as snack to supply iron, calcium and iodine and to keep healthy body shape with its dietary fibers to promote digestion. For middle-aged and elderly people, seasoned seaweed is good for softening blood vessels and improving digestive system.
Good Feedbacks from Clients     Through unremitting effort of all staff, the company currently produces an annual output of 40,000 standard boxes of dried seaweed, seasoned seaweed and roasted seaweed food and an annual secondary processing amount of over 50 million sheets. The products are sold and well recognized in more than 30 countries and regions in Japan, U.S. Canada, Australia, EU and Southeast Asia. In 2010, the company was recognized as the most reliable supplier by the largest supermarket importer "OOO" in Russia.

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