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How to Make Roasted Seaweed


Known as the "birthday soup"in Korea,  seaweed  soup is also given to post-partum mothers recovering from childbirth. Naturally low in calories and fat and high in calcium, iron, and protein, it is a light and healthy soup good for any meal of the day.

Practice of kelp seaweed soup:

1, seaweed, kelp, eggs;
2 Add minced scallion and a little salt, egg shell breaks, Laver blisters, wash;
3, kelp washed away salt taste, skillet, add water and Jiang Kuai;
4, after boiling fishing floating foam;
5, will be placed in the Laver boiled, turn off the fire;
6, pour the egg;
7, stir;
8, add salt and oil, fine taste.

Warm Tip:
1 before, edible kelp, you should rinse with water, arsenic and soluble in water, soaking for 24 hours and change the water, allows the arsenic content in kelp comply with food hygiene standards;

2, the Laver is seafood, damp easily degenerate, Mount black bags of food should be placed in low-temperature drying, or placed in the refrigerator, can keep their taste and nutrition;

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