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Simple introduction of dry seaweed


Seaweed,  purple, generally high 12 to 30 cm, the culture of the altar of the most up to 4 meters. Distribution of Liaoning Peninsula, Shandong Peninsula and Zhejiang, Fujian coast. North Korea, Japan also produced. Porphyra Rhodophyta plant that grows in shallow rocky reefs, dividends purple color, green, purple and dark purple, after drying were purple, because they can into the dish named seaweed. For the bangiaceae Gansu thallus of Porphyra plant.
Since before the Han Dynasty in China have edible laver records, it has been regarded as one of the precious seafood, the taste is very delicious, loved by the people. Laver is produced in coastal areas, but dried after long-distance transportation, regardless of country, no matter when, people can buy. The quality is thin, the surface is smooth, has the gloss, the clean will be free of impurity, the water content is in 9% the following person to share.
Effect and function of dried seaweed
1. The nutrient rich, high iodine content, can be used for treatment due to iodine deficiency caused by "goiter" seaweed with Ruanjian Sanjie function, to other stagnation plot block can also be of use;
2 rich in choline and calcium, iron, can enhance memory, treatment of maternal and child anemia, promote bone, tooth growth and health care; contains a certain amount of mannitol, can be used as a treatment of edema of the auxiliary food;
3 the polysaccharide contained in seaweed can obviously enhance cellular immunity and humoral immune function, can promote lymphocyte transformation, improve the immunity of the body, can significantly reduce the total content of serum cholesterol;
4 the inhibitory rate of the active ingredient of the seaweed on the cancer of 53.2%, is helpful to the prevention and cure of brain tumor, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, malignant lymphoma and other tumors.

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