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How to Make Sushi with Dried Seaweed


How to make sushi with dried seaweed?

1 Choose ingredients. There are many different types of sushi rolls and if you have been to a Japanese restaurant you will see the variety. For purposes here, we will use the basic California Roll for an example.

2 Cook rice. There is a special way to cook Japanese sushi rice to make it sticky. It helps to rinse all the starch off of the rice before you cook it. See my article on how to Make Rice for Sushi Rolls.
3 Prepare ingredients to put inside sushi roll. Wash and peel the cucumber. Cut the avocado and remove the pit and the peel. Remove crab legs from shell or imitation crab legs from package.
4 Cut all ingredients lengthwise. Cut cucumber lengthwise into long slender strips. Cut avocado in slender strips and sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent browning. Also, cut the crab into thin lengthwise strips. Cover all these ingredients and refrigerate until ready.
5 Prepare the shell of sushi roll. Lay bamboo mat on a flat cutting board or sterile counter and cover in plastic wrap. This will keep the bamboo from getting dirty and make it easier to roll. Place seaweed wrapper on mat.
6 Add rice. Spread about one cup of rice on the seaweed wrap. Pat the rice down into an even thin layer. Be sure to leave a little room on all the edges of the wrap (about 3/4-1 inch). Note: Wet fingers will help you pat down the sticky rice. It should be even and compact with no gaps.
7 Add ingredients in center of rice. Pull out the ingredients from the refrigerator and add them in layers onto the rice. Place cucumber strips and avocado strips down and then add the crab. You now have your ingredients and are ready to roll!
8 Start the roll. Carefully start rolling by bringing the mat and plastic wrap over the ingredients. Be sure to pull the mat in tight and tuck the wrap under to begin the rolling. At the same time, do not let the mat and plastic wrap get caught in with the ingredients. It is important you make the roll tight as you start to roll.
9 Continue to roll. As you roll, keep pressure on the roll until you have about on inch left on the wrap. To seal the roll, use cold water along the wrap and finish the California roll.
10 Make it tight. To finish the roll, keep the bamboo wrap around the roll and squeeze it gently around the roll to even it out and forms a nice firm cylinder roll.
11 Cut into pieces. Remove the plastic wrap and cut the roll into even pieces crosswise. Immediately serve and enj
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