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Introduction of New Products Seasoned Seaweed


Our Company Will Participate in HK FOOD EXPO
Nantong Dingbuer Seaweed Food Co., Ltd. will participate in  HK FOOD EXPO, and launched Dingbuer roasted seaweed series and seasoned seaweed series,Yipintianxiang ' 7 leisure seaweed series. Welcome new and old customers to visit.

The new product of seasoned seaweed can be used on the rice ,noodle ect. This seasoned seaweed is made from dried seaweed.It is known as snack seaweed.Since seaweed has high nutrition and reasonable framework, the seaweed is not only recreational food. It is the best snack for both children and adult. The scraps could be used to make soup, noodles, salad and so on.

Delicious crispy nori seaweed strip great for the whole family! With just right spicy!
Very low in calorie.
Rich in protein, mineral, vitamine, seaweed plays an active role in today healthy life style
Great when eat out of pocket, wrap around your rice, on top of your noodle. Enjoy it anyway you want!

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