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Sushi with Seaweed Relationship


Sushi is one of the most artistic foods around. In this video, you’ll learn all about sushi and the ingredients that go into making it. We’ll reveal the “rules” of sushi eating and upend a few myths, too. You’ll learn all about the different styles of sushi—maki sushi, futomaki sushi, uramaki sushi, nigiri sushi, temaki sushi, and sashimi. Sushi is all about freshness and presentation; it’s meant to be as beautiful as it is delicious. You’ll also learn about sushi rice; nori, the dried seafood wrappers; and other common sushi ingredients, including the three classic condiments—wasabi, soy sauce, and palate-refreshing pickled ginger.

Sushi isn't equal to raw fish. Raw fish is called sashimi and is not the same as sushi. Sushi indicates foods that use rice seasoned with rice vinegar. Of course, raw fish is the most popular ingredient in sushi, but the main element of sushi is rice. There are many kinds of sushi, which don't include raw fish. Vegetables, cooked seafood, and various other ingredients can be combined in sushi.

(nori) traditionally used to prepare sushi. Moreover, the genes coding forthis porphyranase have been horizontally transferredthrough dietary seaweed from Z. galactanivorans
to thegut microbe Bacteroides plebeius from particularly Japa-nese people, allowing them to digest the algae that wrapsushi rolls and other delicacies (Hehemannet al., 2010).This not only indicates that the human gut microbiotamay become pro?cient at using dietary polysaccharidesby horizontal gene transfer; it also highlights the signi?-cance of macroalgal
bacterial associations.Like sushi, algae come in many forms and ?avors rang-ing from microscopic unicells to gigantic kelps inhabitingoceans, freshwater habitats, soils, rocks, and even trees

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