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Do with sushi nori seaweed sushi


Material: sushi rice Broccoli, carrots, eggs crab stick cucumber Sushi nori
1, the practice of sushi rice: rice and glutinous rice 4:1 ratio, according to the braised rice water, almost cooked, add sushi vinegar and stir-fry the white sesame, mix cool
2, broccoli and carrots into the blanch in boiling water pot, crab meat stick cooked by hand to tear into strips, scattered into the pan Fried eggs with a little salt and water into skin and cut into thin strips, cucumber and cut into small cubes
Part 3, broccoli, destemmed, chopped finely chop; Carrot take half cut into thin strips, and the other half finely chop also
4, spread plastic wrap on the curtain of sushi, put on the gloves will be chopped broccoli was put on
5, rice thin pressure on one layer, then put seaweed, place shredded radish, cucumber, crab meat stick, egg skin, roll pressure broccoli sushi rolls
6, the same method will sprinkle chopped carrots, carrot sushi rolls
7, the most common approach is directly to spread on the curtain of sushi nori, put rice and other accessories, rolled compacted into nori rolls

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