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Dingbur Dried Seaweed

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The dried seaweed after the first processing can be used as the raw materials for manufacturing the vegetarian diet and primary products for deep processing and can be eaten directly.

Dried seaweed is processed from fresh seaweed. It is often used to make seaweed soup ,roasted seaweed(nori) and rice cracker. It's in black colour.It is often used to make seaweed soup , roasted to produce roasted seaweed for sushi and used as condiment for rice cracker.The seaweed contains equally a various mineral easy to insufficiency.Because the seaweed make clean blood, If we eat frequently, it improves a circulation of blood.And it gets down fever to be piled up in the body.The seaweed is a vegetables of sea is the generally accepted fact to a Westerner.It is good for the health.

Dried Seaweed Nutrition Facts
As they grow under the sea, they contain extraordinary amounts of minerals, which are found in the sea. In some species the mineral content is so high that it's 36% of its dry mass. Some of the most common minerals include cobalt, nickel, boron, manganese, fluoride, molybdenum, selenium, copper, zinc, iron, iodine, phosphorous, sulfur, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium. 
Dried seaweeds have such high quantities of iodine as compared to the minimum required in our diets that it's primarily known for this particular nutrient. Brown algae contains the highest amount of iodine and its amount ranges from 1500-8000 parts per million in a dried kelp. It's only in green and red algae that the iodine content is slightly lower, but it's still higher compared to any other land plant. If you consume very small quantities of dried seaweed every day, your daily requirement of 150 g/day would suffice. 
In several places people consume more than a gram of dry seaweed every day. Research on seaweeds and their effects on the human body shows that, our body can adapt easily even if the iodine intake is high. Iodine is essential for the production of thyroid hormone which in turn helps in the proper growth and development of the body. If the amounts of iodine in the body is less than required the body would show stunted growth. As the land plants produce very low levels of iodine it's recommended to have seaweeds in the dry form to increase the iodine content in the body. However, make sure that you don't consume it in large quantities at a time or else it may be harmful. Many a time iodine is mixed with table salt so as to ensure enough levels are maintained.
Apart from iodine, it is also rich in calcium, but compared to the iodine content the calcium content is not that high. Usually the calcium content is about 4 to 7% of dry mass. At around 7% a gram gives at least 70 mg of calcium. This is still higher compared to other food items rich in calcium, but of course lower than milk based food items.

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