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50-piece Roasted Seaweed Series

Product model: roasted
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50 pieces/bag
Detail: The roasted seaweed is indispensable material of the Japanese cuisine. The Japanese delicacies such as Sushi, hand scroll, etc. are popular with the global people. It is featured by high heat, uncooked food, organic food material, fresh taste, attractive appearance and simple and natural taste. Sushi is the representation of simplism. Let's eat the delicious sushi.
Roasted seaweed, a Japanese food commonly used to make sushi, is also known as nori. This food is also used to make a variety of Asian snacks, and it's sprinkled over some dishes for flavor. If your local grocery store has an Asian foods section, you may be able to find sheets of roasted seaweed there. You can also find this food in specialty markets.

A serving of one sheet of roasted seaweed contains 10 calories. Roasted seaweed is rarely eaten by itself, so count all the calories consumed in the recipe that uses this food to ensure you're taking in the proper calories for your meal plan. See your physician or a nutritionist to settle on the right calorie-intake level for your lifestyle and fitness goals.
Carbohydrates and Fiber
Roasted seaweed contributes 1 gram of carbohydrates to your meal plan per serving. This is an amount that will not satisfy your needs, though it's useful for helping to meet them. Your diet should include 130 grams of this macronutrient, to give you the energy you'll need to get through your daily activities. One serving of roasted seaweed provides you with 1 gram of fiber, a class of carbohydrates that do not digest in your bloodstream. This is significant, as the fiber you consume can maintain your energy levels over a longer period of time. It may also help you to feel fuller after eating. Consume 25 to 38 grams of fiber in your daily meal plan for the best health results.
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