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Meizizi Seasoned Seaweed

Product model: Seasoned Seaweed
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Details: Dingbuer Meizizi leisure seaweed series, various tastes. The green gold in the sea seaweed is used to make various tastes including pickle taste, tomato taste, mustard taste, spicy taste, bamboo salt, etc. Both the afternoon tea and snack are delicious.

We are the manufacturer specialized in seaweed in China.Our products mainly include dried seaweed,roasted seaweed(Sushi nori,Yaki Nori) and seasoned seaweed.

Seasoned seaweed are made from dried seaweed and sauce,and it is great for eating as a snack.

Yaki Nori is commenly used as a wrap for sushi and onigiri.It is also a commen garnish in noodle preparation.

It is dark green ,both side have a glossy shine,smooth and uniform thickness,non-bath spot,no dead spot,no impuritiees,delicious taste, no salt,no sand..Seasoned seaweed,snack

It contains many vitamins and minerals and is also a good source of portein and carbohydrates.

It is crispy and have a salty taste.

It is perfect nori for rolling all kinds of amazing sushi.

It is often used in noodle dishes and soup as garnish.

Seasoned seaweed is very healthy!Seasoned seaweed is popular snack food containing rich nutrition , such as mineral ,protein ,vitamin and so on . its low in calories, only 4 calories per sheet. also this seaweed is said to contain the same amount of proteins as soybeans. These are quality proteins, and almost 70% of it easily digested by the human intestines.

Nori is sometimes considered a super food and reservoir of vitamins, for it contains more than 12 vitamins, more than many fruits or vegetables. Just two sheets of nori everyday will provide a daily dose of vitamin A. The same amount of nori has vitamins B1 and B2, in doses similar to 50 grams of pork meat. This alga has more vitamin C than tangerines, and its vitamin C is heat resistant. Two sheets of nori have as much iron as one egg or 3 cups of milk. 

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