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The product name:

Classic Flavoring Seasoned Seaweed Series

Product model: Seasoned Seaweed
Product introduction:

Seasoned seaweed snack 
1) net weight:80packs 
2) flavor: chili or original 

3) Materials: dried seaweed

1.Seasoned seaweed is popular snack food containing rich nutrition , such as mineral ,protein ,vitamin and so on .
2.The nori is roasted and seasoned ,so tasty good.
3.The nori is 8 sheets ,every sheet cut into 8 piece, in a small bag ,and 8  small bags in a big bag.
4.This package is made by silver grade nori. 
5.Our seaweed's original producing area is really reliable and fresh.
6.Good quality and competitive price are our superiority.
7.Our company has been committed to the development of new seaweed productions and we will try our best to serve for our clients.
This roasted nori has a lite, spicy flavor that our kids love. We take lots of packets with us when we go out just about anywhere, because they're healthy and we don't mind letting the kids have as many as they want when they ask for a snack - especially compared to nasty, processed, non-nutritive kids' snacks like chips, cheese puffs, cheese crackers, etc. If you've never had nori, this is the same stuff that sushi rolls are wrapped in - it's just served crispy here because it hasn't absorbed any moisture from the rice and sushi roll that it is otherwise wrapped around.
I love roasted seaweed snacks!  Small thin pieces of dried seaweed are so addictive!  Dried roasted seaweed is low calorie and healthy – seaweed is a great source of iodine, vitamin A and vitamin C.
How do you eat roasted seaweed?  I just eat that seaweed by itself as a snack!  Other ways to eat dried seaweed is to wrap it around sushi or cut it up with scissors and put in a salad.  And if you like seaweed, also check out Costco seaweed salad.

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